Phil Townsend

Entrance features

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Title:  Eldon Gateway Feature

Location:  Eldon Village, Co. Durham, 2010

Materials:  Hard Sandstone, Ceramic Tiles made by community members


A large, approx 1.5 ton block of stone with a rough back and sawn face, carved in relief to depict symbols of past, present and future for this small ex-pit village. The mining heritage is depicted at top right with the mine head buildings and framed away from the rest of the design by a plume of smoke from the chimney. The present chief industry is a large brickworks on the edge of the village, symbolised by the wall being built below – perhaps the wall of a new home – and this is echoed in the bird building its nest, and raising its young – with an eye to the future. In the centre, in very strong & bold lettering, is the village name carved on an optimistic upward slant which is echoed throughout the design.